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Where are the events held?

Events are held throughout the hotel in one of our many iconic spaces. Check each event listing for its location, including:

Tank (1st floor building lobby): Originally referred to as “The Tank” by club members, the Chicago Athletic Association’s pool has been transformed into an inviting, public venue, preserving the name “The Tank.” The mosaic tile which once lined the bottom of the swimming now sits atop the basin, mimicking the space’s original lane striping and markers.

Drawing Room (2nd floor): The Drawing Room is also the Chicago Athletic Association hotel’s lobby and features the original fireplaces, antique trophies, intimate reading nooks and lounge areas.

Game Room (2nd floor): Originally the billiards room of the Chicago Athletic Association, Game Room is a casual playground homage to our clubby past for a new era of competitive smack downs.

Stagg Court (4th floor): Stagg Court has been fully restored to its original gymnasium grandeur, featuring two basketball hoops and a vintage mahogany running track encircling the room from one story above.

Cindy’s (13th floor): Cindy’s is our rooftop restaurant, bar and open-air terrace overlooking Millennium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, Lake Michigan and beyond.

To check for availability at Cindy’s visit Reserve. Communal picnic tables, bar counters and lounge seating are available for those interested in cocktails and appetizers only, but are first come, first serve. To our delight, Cindy’s has become quite the popular downtown Chicago hot spot, therefore reservations are recommended.

How much do events cost?

The majority of events are complimentary. Special events that require an entry fee are set up for ticket payment when you RSVP.

Do I have to buy a ticket ahead of time or RSVP?

RSVPing is recommended as space is limited for many of our events.


Much as Cindy Pritzker worked to build the Chicago Public Library Foundation for generations to come, the Chicago Athletic Association hotel is dedicated to not only fostering the spirit of libraries, but also to preserving it by building our own in-house libraries through our cultural program.

Vinyl Listening Station: Guests are now able to check out vinyl records from the hotel’s music library collection free of charge; all vinyls have been selected by the travelers and visionaries who’ve contributed to our cultural programming of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel since its inception and will continue to grow in the years to come. 

The listening station is located in the Southeast bay window in the library of the Drawing Room.  The hotel provides two expert headphones from Master and Dynamic in addition to a an entire basket of records to choose from at your leisure.  To check out the headphones and vinyl, stop by our front desk.

Storytelling Series Podcast & Audio Library: The Chicago Athletic Association has long served as a treasured memory to many, with limited written history about what took place inside these storied walls. In an effort to preserve history, we’ve invited engaging, influential speakers (artists, musicians, historians, artisans) to sit down with us and tell their story. We’ve recorded them all, each giving an inside look into the experiences, moments and memories that have shaped our speaker’s lives. Now open a full year in the heart of Chicago, we’re releasing our audio library of every Storytelling Series session to date. Follow along as we continue this series.