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JR Nelson, Writer and Music Critic from Chicago

Tim Kinsella of Featherproof Press lead conversation with J.R Nelson in the Drawing Room, chock-full of stories, delving deep into Chicago’s music & literature scene while provoking some serious belly laughs along the way.

J.R. Nelson is a writer and critic from Chicago, Illinois whose work has appeared in the Chicago Reader, Pitchfork Review, Village Voice and other web and print periodicals. In addition to managing Myopic Books, J.R. frets about his rapidly aging body, the Chicago White Sox and the continuing prospect of participating in social media to the point of, conversely, becoming emotionally barren.

Chicago’s Featherproof Books publishes strange and beautiful fiction and nonfiction and post-, trans-, and inter-genre tragicomedy. Hosted by publisher Tim Kinsella, interviews guests with interesting stories by writers, artists or performers.

June 17, 2016

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