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Robert Ryan, Artist, in conversation with Tim Kinsella

In the second half of a conversation, Robert talks with publisher Tim Kinsella about his practice, career and complete dedication to the process of making the 160-page monograph, covering two decades of stunning paintings & tattoos, interviews with art and music luminaries about his work and subject matter, detailing Ryan’s personal journey and progression as an artist.

Robert Ryan lives in Asbury Park NJ where he has been painting and tattooing for 20 years, taught in the classic traditional American style of bold line, heavy shading and solid field of color. His knowledge of Eastern Spirituality, Western Mysticism, and Amazonian Shamanism are all distilled through the filter of this powerful folk tattoo aesthetic. Robert’s work has been featured in many galleries, schools, and publications world wide. As a musician he has released albums with the bands Lord Sterling, Out Like Lambs, and Harmonize Most High as well as his solo effort American Cloud Songs. Continuing to take many pilgrimages to India, Nepal and Peru, learning from Curanderos, Sadhus, Tantrics, and Monks, his work has tapped into a hidden knowledge which can only be passed down through the oral traditions and ancient practices.

September 08, 2016

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