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CULT RUNNER™ is a collective of creatives who make and design goods based on concepts that are bigger than a saying on a t-shirt. Influenced by the counter and subcultures of Chicago, we stand out by not fitting in. We are not the trend chasers, exploiters, or hustlers of fads. We are the bottom feeders, distasteful tastemakers, and runners of culture and creativity. We are CULT RUNNER™.

This installation pays homage to where everything began—   our teenage bedrooms. These rooms were the earliest and clearest forms of creative expression. They were our art studios and practice spaces   —   they were our first slices of creative independence. They were where inspiration lived on our walls, in our CD players, on our shelves, and in our closets.

This space and the ideas built within helped mold us into the people we are today.

To learn more, visit CULTRUNNER.COM or follow @CULTRUNNER #cultrunner #distastefultastemakers

April 3 - May 1, 2018

- Fine Arts Display Case -

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