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Pocket Object

Pocket Object asks artists across multiple disciplines and mediums to each produce a small edition of keychain-sized objects available for cheap purchase. The tiny totems are meant to jangle on your hip, tumble in a tote, or simply be a small scale reminder of the practice of a favorite artist or friend.

The traveling exhibition is organized by Chicago-based artist Noël Morical, who began macrameing small keychains five years ago as a way to scale down her practice for work trades and friend gifts. Pocket Object is an expansion of this expression, an affordable way to purchase work while supporting your favorite artist’s practice.

The small, dangling works are each priced at under $100 and explore the endless variability of small scale sculpture  The collective miniature works play off the customization and collectability seen in both an art collection and an accessorized set of keys. Mobile works coming to an art space near you.

Closing Reception
Join us on Saturday, May 25 from 6-8PM in Drawing Room to meet the curator and purchase a piece from the exhibition. All works will be priced at $100 and under. 

May 4 - May 31, 2019

- Fine Arts Display Case -

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