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Roland Santana

B. 1995
New City Magazine’s Breakout Artist of 2022

Roland is a Chicago-based artist whose influences began from observing his father’s industrial processes while working as a house painter in the early 2000’s. Mostly growing familiar with domestic building materials and techniques, he began to incorporate them in his creative projects. Reclaimed foam, silicone, plaster, and concrete are some of his materials of preference. Santana’s interest in non-traditional materials has allowed him to have an expansive and open-ended body of work that is constantly evolving, steering clear of limits of every kind. Experimenting with ideas of scale and roles of materials he evokes a bold abstract language that carries a sculptural essence. Vibrant color decisions are unlocking spiritual dimensions, fostering intimacy with the unseen. Transforming, transmuting from reality to an euphoric dream world. His visual rhythm and ritualistic approach to painting hint to a much broader activity comprising Western and non-Western traditions alike. Today Santana has gained the likes of several galleries and collectors and has participated in showcases in spaces such as Johalla Projects, Mana Contemporary, Chicago Artist Coalition, NADA, AMFM, Belong Gallery, Comercio Popular, Ortega y Gasset Projects (Brooklyn, NYC), Baby Blue Gallery, Heaven Gallery, Chuquimarca Projects and more.

May 2 - May 31, 2022

- Fine Art Case, Second Floor -

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