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July 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 12:00 am Stagg Court

Hooligan Mag presents in collaboration with Kickstand Productions a disco celebrating the grassroots abortion funds that are committed to caring for those who are in need of abortion care in the USA.

Blossoming out of a deep love of ABBA and a fierce commitment to abortion access, indie rock performer Liza Anne is bringing their ABBA Disco to the Chicago Athletic Association. These discos started in the summer of 2022 directly following the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Disco continues to be the joy grenade necessary in the face of collective grief. In the midst of everything heavy, we all deserve a safe space to dress hot, shake ass and fund abortion care. These discos are a safe space for all people – a celebration of queer joy and a testament to the necessary catharsis we need during a collective unknown. After production costs, 100% of the proceeds from this disco benefit the Big Bend Reproductive Coalition.

N/A pop-up bar by SOLAR INTENTIONS
Photo Booth by Bella Peterson


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ADV: $15
DAY OF: $18

Accessibility Info:
CAA’s Michigan Ave entrance has no stairs, and is at street level with a ramped entrance. Stagg Court is on the 4th floor and is accessible by elevator from the main lobby. There are no steps or stairs in Stagg. There are accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms directly off the court on the 4th floor.

About Big Bend Reproductive Coalition
Big Bend Reproductive Coalition is a grassroots mutual aid abortion advocacy group that provides educational materials, resources, workshops, and support for West Texans in the Big Bend.

About Hooligan Mag
Hooligan Mag began as a project to celebrate community, and we have grown into a collective of artists and thinkers who believe in reinventing the norm by normalizing the alternative. While Hooligan acts as both an online and print publication, they are also a collective that hosts and curates public events. Hooligan is intrinsically tied to the DIY art community by being hands-on, contributing members. Hooligan provides oftentimes marginalized artists with URL and IRL platforms through interviews and reviews on the website and in individual issues, performance showcases and variety shows and Hooligan sponsored live conversations and artist talks.
About Kickstand Productions
Founded in 2006, Kickstand Productions produces festivals & events at some of the finest venues in the Midwest. KSP serves as the in-house talent buyers for Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, Wicker Park Fest, and Do Division Street Fest, in addition to producing events throughout Chicago, Michigan, Central Illinois, Milwaukee, and Iowa City.

About Solar Intentions
Solar Intentions not only gives a space to people who are looking to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol, but for anyone looking to have a night out without the pressure to consume it. For years, folks of all generations have felt pressured to participate in alcohol consumption without even realizing the severity. Culturally, we associate alcohol to having a good time – and that sometimes it’s not possible to have it without. Anxious at a party? You need a drink. Paint and sip? Can’t paint without the wine. Hard day at work? Celebrate with a cocktail. Good day at work? Celebrate with a shot. The list goes on, but the narrative can change. And it is—in real time.Solar Intentions provides comfort to those who are sober, unable to drink due to medical reasons, or just don’t feel like it. Sobriety with intention and fun without the hangover.

July 8, 2023 7:00 pm - 12:00 am

Stagg Court

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