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Storytelling Series: Featherproof Press & Sam Bailey

June 5, 2016 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Drawing Room

Next up for our Storytelling Series:  Naomi Huffman of Featherproof Press leads conversation with Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is a writer, actor and filmmaker. Her screenwriting and directing credits include the Tribeca Film Festival recognized and Gotham Award nominated: You’re So Talented (Best Breakthrough Series Short Form Nominee). She is a frequent contributor at The Paper Machete. Other writing credits include the podcast PleasureTown (WBEZ) and 2nd Story. Sam is a graduate of The School at Steppenwolf and studied acting at Columbia College Chicago. She has worked with many theatre companies in the Chicago area including Second City, American Theatre Company, Victory Gardens and The Gift. She is committed to building a body of work that tells complex stories through the eyes of women of color. She also enjoys beer and gummy bears.

About Featherproof Press:

According to its mission statement, Chicago’s Featherproof Press publishes strange and beautiful fiction and nonfiction and post-, trans-, and inter-genre tragicomedy. The Featherproof podcast expands on this sensibility by interviewing guests that we know to have interesting stories whether or not they identify as writers or artists or performers or exist as public figures in any way. They know that everyone has a story and they aim to help them release it.

About the Storytelling Series:

The Chicago Athletic Association Storytelling Series shares compelling stories and interviews from some of the Chicago’s most interesting and inspiring movers, shakers and visitors. From artists, musicians, innovators, adventurers and visionaries with a great story to tell – the series gives an inside look into the experiences, moments and memories that have shaped the speakers, their work and their lives. CAA is known for its rich history, and while the walls can’t talk, the Storytelling Series continues the tradition of welcoming Chicago’s finest talent into its halls to make lasting memories. Only now, we’ll record and share those moments so worth remembering.

June 5, 2016 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Drawing Room

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