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Storytelling Series: Lesley de Souza, Conservation Biologist and Explorer

February 4, 2016 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Drawing Room

Presented by Ship To Shore Productions

Travel deep into one of the most remote forests on Earth as conservation biologist and explorer Dr. Lesley de Souza searches for the world’s largest scaled fish, the magnificent but threatened arapaima. Join Jaclyn Johnston of Ship To Shore Productions as she interviews Lesley about her conservation work with arapaima and shares breathtaking photography from their epic adventures in the rugged interior of Guyana, South America.

Growing up to 10 ft long and weighing 400 lbs, arapaima descend from one of the most ancient lineages of freshwater fish; their ancestors shared the vast wetlands of prehistoric South America with dinosaurs. The fish also serve as an important resource for Guyana’s indigenous communities. Lesley’s research is aimed at helping the people of the North Rupununi region establish protected areas of their land, which faces biological and cultural threats from large-scale agriculture, mining, and illegal logging.

About the Storytelling Series:

The Chicago Athletic Association Storytelling Series shares compelling stories and interviews from some of the Chicago’s most interesting and inspiring movers, shakers and visitors. From artists, musicians, innovators, adventurers and visionaries with a great story to tell – the series gives an inside look into the experiences, moments and memories that have shaped the speakers, their work and their lives. CAA is known for its rich history, and while the walls can’t talk, the Storytelling Series continues the tradition of welcoming Chicago’s finest talent into its halls to make lasting memories. Only now, we’ll record and share those moments so worth remembering.

February 4, 2016 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Drawing Room

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